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Ordo Dracul Sourcebook.jpg
Ordo Dracul Sourcebook p. 204-207
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Spoiling is a bizarre form of Blood Alchemy used to hex others, temporarily lowering one of their Attributes. It is primarily taught and used by the Ordo Dracul, though it is possible for someone to discover how to use the power through experimentation and luck.

Spoiling is considered an out-of-clan discipline for all vampires.


Rather than each dot of Spoiling granting a new hex, it increases the number of attributes that can be temporarily decreased by the vampire. Each dot also decreases the amount of blood that must be left on a hexed victim, making it less obvious that that there has been anything malevolent at work.

A number of devotions called Blood Solutions have been created that allow the blood alchemist in question to store a variety of curses in the form of potions. Unlike normal use of Spoiling, the hex is not applied by touch; instead, the Blood Solutions must be ingested by its intended target (though it will still affect an unintended target as well).


The Discipline of Spoiling may be practiced by any of the five major Clans and their Bloodlines.


The Discipline of Spoiling is primarily the domain of the Ordo Dracul; most other Covenants are not even aware of its existence.

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