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Vampire The Requiem Sourcebook.jpg
Vampire The Requiem Sourcebook p. 123-124
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The use of Celerity grants Kindred the ability to move at supernatural speeds, increasing their reflexes and improving their reaction time, with each Discipline level granting the user a greater degree of speed. This translates into incredibly faster movement and extra attacks or extended defensive capabilities. It must be noted, though, that this power is blatantly supernatural, as any individual who can move at such speed will often look somewhat blurred and distorted. Celerity cannot be invoked more than once per turn. That is, you may not spend a second Vitae and double the benefits of Celerity in a given turn, though you may spend Vitae across multiple turns to enjoy the benefits over those turns.

This is information about the mechanic. Cost: 1 Vitae per turn

This is information about the mechanic. Dice Pool: Celerity is unlike many other Disciplines in that it is not actively rolled.

This is information about the mechanic. Action: Reflexive. A character may “pre-empt” her own action in a turn to activate Celerity if an opponent acts before her and the vampire wishes to call upon Celerity before the rival’s action is performed. The vampire therefore gets Celerity’s benefits early in the turn.

This is a benefit of the mechanic. Celerity adds her dots in the Discipline to a character’s Initiative during the turn in which it is active. Celerity’s Initiative bonus is added immediately in the turn, potentially moving the vampire’s action before her attacker’s in the Initiative roster.

This is a benefit of the mechanic. In turns when a character activates her Celerity, her dots in the Discipline are subtracted from any and all attacking characters’ dice pools (including Firearms), as the vampire moves much more quickly than normal and is harder to hit. This penalty to attackers’ pools applies in addition to any armor the Celerity using character may have, as well as to Defense (though note, like armor, Celerity’s benefits do not diminish based on how many attacks the character faces).

This is a benefit of the mechanic. Celerity acts as a modifier to a character’s Speed while it is active. His Speed increases by itself again for each dot of Celerity he possesses. (Simply add one to the value of the character’s Celerity and multiply that number by his Speed.) Characters running while Celerity is active double this figure, as well. Assuming the sample character with Celerity 3 has a Speed of 12, he has an effective Speed of 48 — [(1+3) x 12] — during turns in which he activates Celerity. If he runs while his Celerity is active, his Speed is 96 — almost 65 miles per hour! The vampire gains the benefit of additional Speed for the turn as soon as Celerity is activated.

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