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It should be noted, before reading further, that the Akhud are not meant to be used in the same way as the other clans; they are a unique and malevolent force that differs from normal Kindred in several fundamental ways.

The Akhud are presented as one of three possible versions of VII.

The Akhud clan weakness makes them unable to knowingly harm or betray other members of their clan or the mortal descendants of their founder. Additionally, the Akhud are tormented by the whispers of the demon Shaddad, represented mechanically by a small penalty to derangement rolls, as well as a penalty to resist frenzy in any scene in which they speak, write, hear or read the name Shaddad.

Additionally, supernatural differences between the Akhud and normal vampires prevent them from triggering or being affected by Predator's Taint, allow them to detect vampires and protect them from mind reading attempts.

The clan does not have a formal symbol, however it is associated with two symbols, both of which resemble the roman numeral VII.

Clan Disciplines

  • Celerity: Fast movements allow the Akhud to be swift and dangerous killers.
  • Obfuscate: Cloaking themselves in shadow, the Akhud make a point not to be seen until it's too late.
  • Praestantia: The Akhud's unique secret discipline, Praestantia represents a mastery of kinesthetic sense, as well as the prophetic powers of their unrelenting partner Shaddad.
  • Ahranite Sorcery: Alhough this is not a Clan Discipline, it may be bought at out-of-clan prices and represents their Covenant discipline, similar to Cruac or Theban Sorcery.


Incomplete Akhud Bloodlines

These bloodlines are canon, but no official mechanics yet exist for them:

  • Dunia: A North African set who seek out the ruins of the ancient Akhud cities
  • Rexroth: British members of the Akhud with an unhealthy interest in the spiritual world
  • Stawa: Native American wanderers who destroy Kindred unlucky enough to be caught wandering

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