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Bloodlines The Hidden p. 112-115
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Embrocation is a discipline practiced by Mekhet who are a part of the Qedeshah bloodline. The Qedeshah's mortal founders, according to the bloodline's histories, were women who served in various ritual capacities for religious services in the Ancient Middle East. The discipline itself is based around the concept of healing and easing suffering through altering the practitioner's vitae into salves, incense, and the like.

Basic Discipline Levels

Masaha (•)

The Qedeshah is creates a salve out of vitae that helps fortify the recipient's resolve.

Lebhonah (••)

Vitae is converted into incense smoke that comes out of the pracitioner's mouth and nose. This smoke makes it difficult for anyone breathing in the fumes to think clearly.

Mashkeh (•••)

The Qedeshah "drinks" injuries from an individual.

Berith (••••)

Vitae is transfered from the practitioner to a subject by touch and from that point on, both the pracitioner and the recipient know vaguely where the other is.

Taharah (•••••)

The Qedeshah consecrates a sanctum by painting the walls in vitae.

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