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The Show
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The Show
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Bloodlines The Legendary
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This discipline is described in detail in Bloodlines The Legendary.

The Show is associated with The Carnival bloodline.

Basic Discipline Levels

• Geek Trick

Allows a vampire to ignore pain and wound penalties for a time (whether the wound is inflicted in combat... or otherwise).

•• Contortion

Using this power, a member of the Carnival can bend in ways (and places) they normally could or should not.

••• Spider Crawl

The Freak grows tiny hooks on his/her/its skin, allowing him/her/it to move across or climb nearly any surface.

•••• Rubber Skin

Allows extreme feats of contortion, making it possible to fit into small spaces or stretch limbs to inhuman lengths.

••••• Siamese Twin

Possibly the most horrifying (and bewitching) of all the powers of the Show, this gives a Freak the ability to merge pieces of his own flesh together (leg to leg, arm to leg, face to leg, etc.), or to merge with another vampire, whether the Kindred in question is willing or not.

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