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Ancient Bloodlines 23-26
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Asphyx is the unique Discipline of the Brothers of Ypres, a bloodline forged in the trenches of World War I by Kindred doused in toxic chemicals. Asphyx is a discipline for committing chemical warfare against the enemy; because chemical poisoning has little effect on the undead vampires, its use is mainly against mortals and other supernatural beings. Asphyx flourished during the The Great War (CE 1914-1918).

Basic Discipline Levels

• The Cough

Invisible vapors emitted from the user's fingertips cause the target to erupt into a fit of coughing.

•• Taint

An object becomes tainted with poison, becoming a danger to all that touch it.

••• Burning Touch

A caustic poison is expelled from the hands, causing the person touched to blister and chemically burn.

•••• Breath of Death

Noxious, and possibly even deadly gases fill the room.

••••• Choking Cloud

The Kindred transforms into a being entirely of poison, damaging whoever he or she touches.

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