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Carthians p. 188-191
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The Serendipity discipline is associated with the Zelani bloodline.

Basic Discipline Levels

Turn of Phrase (•)

The vampire seems to know the exact thing to say to defuse a tense situation or spark a violent confrontation. Normally, she needs to be part of a conversation for a few minutes before enacting this power, but very skilled Zelani seem to instinctively know what to say. The character must be capable of communicating with the target to use this power. That is, they must have a language in common. Turn of Phrase functions over telephones and even over non-verbal forms of communications, including instant messaging programs and even written letters (though of course the latter takes some time to have an effect).

Cost: —
Dice Pool: Wits + Expression + Serendipity
  • +1 Characters are already predisposed toward the Zelani’s goal.
  • –1 Characters are opposed to the Zelani’s goal.
Action: Instant

The player can make this roll immediately upon entering a social situation: a conversation, a diplomatic debate, writing a letter and so on. The power doesn’t take effect immediately, though (see below).

  • Dramatic Failure: Whatever effect the character was going for, her words have the opposite effect. A phrase meant to calm an angry comrade might push him into frenzy, while a letter meant to poison an ally against the Zelani’s enemy encourages his trust. Failure: The character receives no bonus or penalty, and must rely upon her raw social acumen.
  • Success: A number of turns equal to (5 – the character’s Serendipity rating) after the initial roll is made, the character receives a burst of inspiration on what to say to achieve her desired result. This can have one of two game effects. The Storyteller can either suggest an appropriate phrase (by passing a note, in private conversation, etc.), or theplayer can simply receive a +5 modifier to an appropriate Social roll. Letters, obviously, do not suffer from this delay, as the character can simply wait until inspiration hits to start writing.
  • Exceptional Success: The character can apply the effects of the power immediately.

Guided Steps (••)

Improves a Zelani's Defense bonus when making a Dodge action.

Perfect Timing (•••)

Imparts the ability to arrive at a place or take an action at just the right time.

Prescience (••••)

Assimilate a small amount of knowledge almost instantly, giving temporary bonus skill dots.

Stars in Alignment (•••••)

A powerful ritual allowing all of a Zelani's actions for one night to be slightly improved.

This is a Vampire House Rule This ability can be active for one Scene per calendar month, and must be declared and paid for at the beginning of the Scene.

The 9 again quality replaces the +3 modifier to all dice pools.

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