Sakti Pata

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Sakti Pata
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Sakti Pata
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Ancient Bloodlines p. 50-52
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Sakti Pata is the unique Discipline of the Amara Havana, a Daeva bloodline of passionate kshatriya who are at once deadly and beautiful, their bloodstained hands never to be clean again.

Blood is everything to the Amara Havana, both their sustainer and a badge of their success; appropriately, Sakti Pata turns the blood into a number of things, from weapons to protective charms.

For more details, purchase the Ancient Bloodlines sourcebook for Vampire: the Requiem.

Basic Discipline Levels

• Halahala

Turns Vitae into a deadly poison, which may be smeared on weapons to increase their effectiveness.

•• Gift of Indra

Distills a portion of the user's blood into a solid and dangerous weapon.

••• Rudra's Blessing

Increases the natural rate of Kindred regeneration.

•••• Durga's Kiss

Rain that touches the user is immediately and dramatically transformed into blood, filling their bloodpool quickly.

••••• Yama's Benefice

The user leaves her body, becoming a sanguine mass capable of entering the corpses of others.

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