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Vampire The Requiem Sourcebook
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Cachexy is the disease focused discipline unique to the Morbus Bloodline. Vampires skilled in this discipline can discern diseased mortals from normals, infect objects with disease, amplify disease, and directly infect others with disease. Vampires with this ability are plague bearers, and it is very likely a Prince would have any vampire showing knowledge of Cachexy slain as a serious threat to the Masquerade. Vampires who use Cachexy are likely to be very effective at attacking an entire city, and would be exceptionally useful to anyone that wants to eliminate a rival vampire's Ghouls.

Basic Discipline Levels

• Diagnose

Enables a Morbus to sense the taint of infected blood in humans.

•• Contaminate

Infects a small object or area with a supernaturally resilient form of a disease carried by the Morbus, making contamination highly likely for any mortal who comes into contact with it.

••• Inflame

Intensifies the symptoms of a disease carried by the target, causing weakness through headache, muscle pain, nausea or the like.

•••• Plague Bearer

The Morbus infects multiple mortals with a disease he carries without needing to touch them. It may also infect Kindred.

••••• Accelerate Disease

Greatly intensifies the effects of a disease, seriously injuring or even killing the victim.

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