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Bloodlines The Hidden p. 26-29
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Nepenthe is a discipline that mimics the feelings produced by drugs, specifically opiates and derived drugs such as Ecstasy or heroin. It is the focus of the Anvari Bloodline of the Daeva, an ancient group of drug dealers. Thematically, it is similar to Cachexy and Asphyx, in that its development was partially to aid the user in acquiring drug-tainted Vitae to feed off of.

Full descriptions of this discipline and its effects can be found in Bloodlines The Hidden.

Basic Discipline Levels

• Fragrance of the Hal Gil

Makes the user's nose much more sensitive to the scent of opiates, allowing them to find any that may be hidden in the area.

•• Inflict the Empty Soul

Immediately cancels out the effects of drugs acting on the target, causing them to become completely and crushingly sober.

••• Crave the Caress

Inflicts the need for drugs upon a person, requiring them to fulfill that need even if they have never done any before.

•••• Kiss of the Hal Gil

Replicates a drug that the Anvari has used before in the target, causing all of the effects that would normally be associated with that compound.

••••• Blessed Drowning

Causes an instant overdose in the target, pushing them far beyond the limit of drug toxins their body can handle.

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