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Bloodlines The Legendary p. 87-89
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The Shihai discipline is associated with the Kuufukuji bloodline.

Discipline Levels

Roots to the Earth (•)

Mere nights after the Embrace, neonates learn how to suppress the Beast. This power is vital to the survival of the vampire, as Kindred are very susceptible to the Wassail early in their Requiems. When learning this power, the Kindred assumes a meditative state for a full 24 hours, eschewing sleep and feeding while he looks inward to explore his boundaries.

After discovering the state of his soul, he enjoys greater protection from Wassail as he forces his body to adapt to less and less Vitae.

Sate the Tiger’s Hunger (••)

The Kuufukuji may turn her body into a literal prison for the roiling wiles of the Beast. She uses her own body as a bulwark against Wassail.

Trap the Tiger’s Fury (•••)

Using this power, the Kindred becomes able to abate all forms of frenzy by broadening her understanding of both the Beast and herself. Her physical body becomes the lightning rod through which the frenzy channels, leaving her worse for the wear but certainly in control of herself.

The Outside Eye Within (••••)

The character can study the Man within another vampire and determine that vampire’s Virtues or Vices, learning the state of his ultimate balance. With this information, the Hungry can determine how best to influence her target to frenzy or to calm his Beast.

Calm the Stalking Tiger (•••••)

In a refinement of Sate the Tiger’s Hunger, the Kuufukuji becomes able to soothe the urges of another’s Beast. The Hungry channels the fury of another into his own body, suffering its depredations but otherwise abating the threat of its presence — for a time.

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