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Circle of the Crone Sourcebook 186-188
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Amphivena is the unique Discipline of the Gorgons, an ancient bloodline of Kindred who claim descent from Medusa's handmaidens. Named for the Amphisbaena, the two-headed snake created from Medusa's blood, Amphivena grants Gorgons control of snakes and draws on the bloodline's serpentine origins to strengthen their bodies, as well as enhancing certain Ventrue powers.

Basic Discipline Levels

• Serpentine Rapport

The Gorgon gains an intuitive understanding of snakes, granted some permanent bonuses when dealing with them and granting benefits to ghouled snakes.

•• Serpentine Union

By projecting her mystical power into a snake and then swallowing it, the Gorgon gains enhanced senses, augmented physical powers and the ability to transmute the snake into Vitae and back again.

••• Arms of the Amphisbaena

The Gorgon can partially transform her hands into the heads of snakes, granting various benefits in combat.

•••• Medusa s Venom

The Gorgon transforms some of her Vitae into a mystical poison that can affect Kindred as well as mortals. Extra experience points may be spent to learn variations on this poison.

••••• Body of the Gorgon

The vampire takes on the traditional monstrous serpentine form of the Gorgon, making her able to spray poison and greatly enhancing her use of certain Dominate powers.

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