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Ancient Bloodlines p. 109-111
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Nburu is the unique discipline of the Adroanzi, a Nosferatu bloodline of the depths of Africa whose connection with the land allows them to control it and the plants growing in it.

Nburu is the focus of that plant manipulative ability, affecting the land in ways similar to how Animalism controls animals.

For more details, purchase the Ancient Bloodlines sourcebook for Vampire: the Requiem.

Basic Discipline Levels

• Silent Passage

Coerces the wilderness to swallow up all evidence that the Gardener has passed; tracks, sounds, and other markings vanish within the plant life.

•• Defiled Presence

Ruins organic objects, destroying the very material from which they are made.

••• Synthesis

Allows the user to meld into trees and other large plants, to withstand the sun's light or plot an ambush.

•••• Hungry Swarms

Imbues a swarm of insects with a lust for blood, causing them to attack and even devour whoever is nearby.

••••• Dark Spirit of the Forest

Allows for instant transportation from any tree to another anywhere else in the forest.

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