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Mythologies p. 59-60
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Although sin-eating is an ability all Kindred possess, the Order of Sin-Eaters have refined the ability to an art form. With a mere taste, the Sin-Eaters can know the most intimate details of their vessel’s darkest secrets, shield themselves from their own sin and even force their sins onto the souls of others with a touch. Hamartiaphage is principally a tool for aiding in the Sin-Eater’s studies into the nature of sin, but this Discipline can be adapted quite well as a tool for information gathering and even a weapon, if need be. As with all unique covenant Disciplines, a character must have dots in the Covenant Status (Order of Sin-Eaters) Merit to learn Hamartiaphage.

As the Coils of the Dragon, Hamartiaphage is not a standard five-level Discipline with progressively increasing powers. This is still a relatively young Discipline, reaching back only to the mid-1800s, and thus only a few of its powers have been fully developed. These Sin-Eaters look on their work as science, and in science, progress sometimes comes from unexpected directions, outside the normal progression of research. At present, only three powers of Hamartiaphage are known.

Basic Discipline Levels

• Knowing the Sin

When a vampire eats another’s sin, he feels the rush of emotions that accompanied the sin, but gains no insight into its specific nature. While oftentimes the feelings associated with the sin are enough to guess the nature of the sin (murder, theft, rape, etc.), the Kindred remains ignorant of the particulars. This power allows the Kindred to see the details of the sinful act as though he himself had committed the act. He sees through the sinner’s eyes, hears through the sinner’s ears and feels through the sinner’s hands.

•• Cloak of Wickedness

Through their studies, Sin-Eaters gain an intimate familiarity with their own sins by devouring those of others. By understanding his own wickedness, the Sin Eater may bolster his own soul’s defenses against the slow, inevitable domination of the Beast. This power allows the Sin-Eater to consume the sins of a mortal, internalize them, and weigh his own sins against those of his victim. By comparing the “weight” of the two sins, the Kindred finds it easier to cope with his own and gains a bonus on his next degeneration check.

••• Sin Lash

The ultimate expression of a Sin-Eater’s mastery of Hamartiaphage, this power allows the Sin-Eater to channel his own sin into others, essentially forcing them to consume his own sin. This process is excruciatingly painful, and often causes severe mental trauma. Needless to say, it must be used with caution, but the Sin Lash is a vital part of Sin-Eater research and occult study. The fact that it is a useful interrogation tool, or even a weapon in a pinch, is merely a dreadful bonus.

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