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VII Sourcebook p. 151-154
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Psychogenics is a mysterious discipline that is a mix between psionics and psychoanalysis. It is only available to members of VII, and only in chronicles in which the Sleepers interpretation of VII is considered canon; if the chronicle features the Princes of the Fallen City or the Betrayed, Psychogenics most likely does not exist.

Psychogenics does not spread as most disciplines would; most disciplines require the Kindred learning them to actively seek out their existence. Instead, Psychogenics seeks out the Kindred; if they are of high Humanity, existing Sleepers may try to convert them with an infusion of Vitae, automatically teaching this discipline. However, its power comes at great cost, as the sleepers may, at any moment, become uncontrolled vampire slayers. In the Sleepers, VII is not considered a covenant, and this discipline can be owned by members of any covenant, as long as they exhibit its intrinsic weakness.

This discipline is detailed in VII, in the third and final of its three parts.

Basic Discipline Levels

• Read Soul

Gives a clear indication of a Kindred's level of Humanity, and possibly other internal attributes.

•• Movement of the Mind

Grants the strength of mind to telekinetically move objects; the greater the user's intelligence, the better the result.

••• Psychic Surgery

Allows the user to heal someone using telekinesis, or, if desired, hurt them instead.

•••• Consume Mind

Willpower is taken from the target and channeled into the Sleeper, allowing for a small amount of telepathy.

••••• Psychic Dampening

Closes the mind of another, making it impossible for them to use mental disciplines or related powers.

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