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Vampire The Requiem Sourcebook
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Easily one of the most overtly spectacular of the gifts of the Damned, the Discipline of Protean is the study of physical metamorphosis and transformation. The nature of this power is hotly debated among the Kindred, for its abilities are so varied while simultaneously stemming from no obvious aspect of the Curse. Whatever its cause or origin, Protean allows its masters to assume virtually any form or shape.

Since the core of a vampire’s self doesn’t alter with his shape, a transformed Kindred can generally take any action or use any Discipline that his new form can reasonably allow. Gangrel in the form of a cloud of mist, for example, could read auras (as the sense of sight doesn’t vanish), but couldn’t Dominate someone effectively (as the prerequisite eye contact can no longer be established). A vampire’s clothes and personal effects change shape with him, but he cannot normally transmute especially large objects or other creatures.

Unless stated otherwise, Protean powers — being permanent physical changes — last as long as the vampire wishes them to, or until he is forced into torpor. Any state that prevents the character from taking action (such as being staked) likewise prevents transformation; the vampire needs the freedom to invoke his will.[1]


• Aspect of the Predator

A character is not subject to the usual relationships of Blood Potency upon meeting an unknown Kindred for the first time. If the character’s Blood Potency is lower than that of the unknown Kindred, treat it as equal. If the character’s Blood Potency is equal to or higher than the unknown Kindred, this power has no effect. A character may choose to suspend this power if he so desires, but if he does, it ceases to function for an entire scene. He may not selectively apply it to individual vampires he meets within that scene.[2]

  • Note: Aspect only affects the Kindred using it. Other Vampires do not perceive an increased in Blood Potency.
Dice Pool: This power involves no roll.
Action: N/A

•• Haven of Soil

This power allows a vampire to blend with different substances. When activated, the vampire will be able to mingle with the ground under his feet, effectively protecting her from the sunlight or any physical attacks, as her corporeal form merges with that of the material around her.

••• Claws of the Wild

Upon activation of this power, the vampire’s nails grow into long, fearsome talons, capable of rending bone and flesh alike.

•••• Shape of the Beast

The Kindred can take the shape of an ordinary animal, such as a wolf or a bat. She keeps her mind and temperament and gains animal abilities, but the shape-shifting does not keep her from sunlight affliction nor daytime slumber.

••••• Body of Spirit

A vampire can transfigure her entire body into fine mist. On her incorporeal form, she is not subject to physical attacks nor most mind attacks. The mist can float above the ground at the Kindred's normal speed, and can mold itself at the vampire's will.

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