Seeking the Silent

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Seeking the Silent
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Invite Only p. 60
Disciplines Auspex •••••
XP 21xp
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This is a Vampire House Rule This is currently under review and should not be considered approved for play.

Schäfer’s trick was discovered by accident back in 1956. He was attempting to expand his consciousness through Twilight while projecting a strong presence to witnesses. What occurred though surprised him. As his mind scanned the region at near-light speeds, his Beast flared and the projection ended. After recovering from frenzy and cleaning his demolished haven, he studied the results and attempted to replicate them. After laborious effort, he discovered that he could project his Beast to some small degree, and this Devotion is the result of that peculiarity. Its development revolutionized the Berliner Movement, allowing Schäfer to hunt torpid elders for recruitment.

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