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Bloodlines The Legendary p. 100-102
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The Gustus discipline is associated with the Macellarius bloodline.

Gustus grants the Macellarius digestive abilities far beyond those of mortals, allowing them to live up to their nickname as Gluttons.

For more details, purchase The Bloodlines: The Legendary a Sourcebook for Vampire: the Requiem.

Basic Discipline Levels

• Pound of Flesh

At this level of Gustus the Macellarius can will the blood in his stomach to turn acidic and digest raw human flesh, turning it into Vitae. Mortal and Mage flesh give 1 Vitae per 4 mouthfulls, Werewolf flesh gives 1 Vitae per 1 mouthful. In combat the mechanics for a normal bite attack apply before Macellarius can consume the opponents flesh.

  • Cost: 1 Willpower per 1 pound of flesh consumed (eight mouthfulls)
  • Dice Pool: No roll required. Combat usage requires to either disable the target or follow normal bite mechanics.
  • Action: Instant

•• Gorge

Allows the Glutton to store additional Vitae in the normally useless dead flesh of their body. By spending 1 Willpower the Macellarius can add their Stamina to their normal max Vitae for the duration of the scene. This additional Vitae pool isn't fueled automatically. At the end of the scene, if there is more Vitae in the Vampire's system than their normal maximum Vitae, the excess is regurgitated violently. For every point of Vitae expelled the Glutton suffers 1 Bashing damage.

••• Befoul

The Glutton can convert a drop of Vitae into a potent soporific poison. The mortals can ingest the poison directly, Vampires must drink the Blood of an affected Kine to be affected as with any other poison. Every success in the contested roll gives a -1 modifier to all of the target's roll. That penalty fades away at the rate of 1 dice penalty per hour. Dramatic failure on the poisoning enrages the target instead. The penalty applies to the Glutton herself if she feeds on the target while the poison is in effect, but many Macellarii enjoy the sensation of narcotic fogginess.

•••• Disgorge

Normally the Macellarius are a polite well-mannered bunch but at this level of Gustus mastery they can express their displeasure with someone or something in a very disturbing fashion. The Glutton forces the Vitae to turn into acid in their stomach and then vomits it onto a target. The target suffers 1 Aggravated for every Vitae spent making the attack, objects get their Structure damaged (ignoring Durability). On an exceptional success the target is stunned and can only perform Reflexive actions next turn. Range is Strength times 2 in yards.

  • Cost: 1 Vitae per point of Aggravated damage (capped by the max Vitae the Kindred can spend per turn)
  • Dice Pool: No roll to activate. Hitting the target requires Dex + Athletics - target's Defense.
  • Action: Instant

••••• Puissance of Flesh

At this level a powerful and old Macellarius gets a deep understanding of the simple fact that Vitae and flesh are life. Mastering Gustus fully the Glutton is able to absorb part of the abilities of the creature they dine upon, be the dish Kine or Kindred. The Glutton can spend the successes they acquire on a roll according to the effects listed below. The gain effects last for one scene.

  • Cost: 2 Vitae (usable from Blood Potency 4)
  • Dice Pool: Dexterity + Empathy + Gustus after a successful bite attack
  • Action: Instant
  • Effects:
    • 1 success - +1 to any Attribute
    • 1 success - gain 2 points of Skills the victim has (may be two different skills)
    • 1 success - regain 1 Willpower
    • 1 success - heal 1 Bashing
    • 1 success - gain 1 Speed
    • 2 successes - heal 1 Lethal
    • 2 successes - gain 1 Size (and the accompanying +1 Health)
    • 3 successes - heal 1 Aggravated
    • 3 successes - gain 1 point of a Discipline the victim has

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