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Bloodlines The Hidden p. 73-77
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Institutionalize is the Morotrophians signature discipline of forcing an imposed order on others, much like the restrictive rules inmates of a prison or patients at a hospital must follow. The bizarre Nosferatu line seeks to curtail their own freedom as much as that of those they confine, due to the odd obsessions the Morotrophians hold.

Basic Discipline Levels

• Halls of Power

Reveals the complex web of social connections that allows an insular institution to run effectively.

•• Social Censure

Forces the target to behave himself, by making it impossible to break the rules and etiquette governing the situation.

••• Off Limits

Blocks an area completely, forbidding anyone from entering it until the Morotrophian chooses to lift the ban.

•••• Panopticon

Become the eyes and ears of a chosen institution, seeing, hearing, and experiencing everything that anyone within those halls is subject to.

••••• Lord of the Manor

Take complete control over the institution building, controlling it as naturally as if it were a part of the user's body.

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