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Ars Speculorum
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Ars Speculorum
Mythologies p. 102-104
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Ars Speculorum, the Art of Mirrors, is detailed in Mythologies, a book for Vampire: The Requiem which discusses a number of folk beliefs about vampires. It is a discipline that changes the way that Kindred interface with mirrors, which, for most, is quite a big concern. It is associated with no Clan, Covenant, or Bloodline, allowing any vampire to learn it at out-of-clan cost, provided they can convince its shadowy master, Red Jack, to teach it to them.

Basic Discipline Levels

• Wry Opticks

Allows the user to unblur his mirror image without the use of Willpower, or blur it even more, beyond visible comprehension.

•• Catoptromantricks

Look into a mirror and ask a question, to gain one insight on an unknown entity.

••• Panoptickon

See through one mirror directly out any other mirror in existence.

•••• Childermas Surprise

Makes a mirror into a focal point for disciplines, allowing most mental disciplines to be used through a mirror.

••••• Quicksilver Shoes

Enter into a mirror and leave at another mirror, somewhere else.

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