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Belials Brood Sourcebook 126-128
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The Choronzon discipline is associated with the Therion bloodline. It is one of the darkest and most vile disciplines, as it may only be used to Kindred who have given themselves over to the Belial's Brood. Any Clan may practice the discipline of Choronzon, as it is linked to the clanless Therion bloodline.

Multiple Power

Choronzon is a multiple power discipline, like Nahdad, with a number of largely passive effects that gain in intensity rather then in new adaptations per each level. Unlike Nahdad, a complex and lurid ceremony must be completed before the discipline can be activated. The four have rather obscure names, so translations are also given.

  • Consolamentum ("Consolation"): Grants resistance against gaining derangements from humanity loss.
  • Convenenza ("Promise"): Can more easily "ride the wave" into frenzy.
  • Endura ("Fasting"): May stay awake more easily during the daytime.
  • Reconsolatio ("Cleansing"): Reduces time spent in torpor.

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