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Mekhet Shadows in the Dark 104-106
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Meminisse is the unique Discipline of the Mnemosyne, a rather small time-honored group of Mekhet who use the power to collect and manipulate memories.

Meminisse is the source of the mental gestalt that the Mnemosyne have long been known for; any member of the clan with enough ranks in Meminisse can become a part of the massive memory network. However, Meminisse comes at a cost to one's personal memories; inundated with all that new information, it is common that the user loses sight of who they are, especially who they were before the Embrace.

Basic Discipline Levels

• Create Ties

Produces an artificial blood tie with another vampire, granting the effects of blood sympathy.

Dice Pool: N/A

•• Dipping in the Pool

The Mnemosyne draws forth the memories of those she is tied to, granting a new perspective on the current situation.

Dice Pool: Wits+Occult+Meminisse

••• Sever Ties

Breaks the natural links that occur between related Kindred, including ones that were manufactured by the user.

Dice Pool: Presence+Occult+Meminisse, opposed by target’s Resolve + Stamina + Blood Potency

•••• The Exchange of Things Past

Allows for the reading of a person's memories, regardless of who holds them.

[The dicepool for Meminisse 4 was not originally printed, however the author has since stated that it's Manipulation+Empathy+Meminisse minus the target's Composure AND Blood Potency]

••••• The Thief of Minds

Steals memories from the mind of the target, causing them to forget, but the Mnemosyne retains the lost information.

Dice Pool: Presence+Intimidation+Meminisse, opposed by the target's Resolve + Composure + Blood Potency.

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