Spiritus Sancti

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Spiritus Sancti
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Spiritus Sancti
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Ancient Bloodlines p. 132-135
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Spiritus Sancti is the bloodline discipline practiced by the Mystikoi, a Bloodline of Clan Gangrel that practices a form of Gnostic Christianity. Using Spiritus Sancti, the Mystikoi believe they can find the immaterial truths in this material world, using their Beasts as intermediaries between themselves and the divine Unity.

Discipline Levels

Embracing the Invisible Other (•)

Allows the Mystikoi to "ride the wave" at any point, even when it normally would not be allowed. Also grants a bonus to attempts to ride the wave.

Eyes of the Inner Archon (••)

The user intentionally enters frenzy by "riding the wave," gaining the ability to perceive spirits and ghosts in Twilight while this power is active.

In the Presence of the Holy Spirit (•••)

The Mystikoi enters a special form of frenzy, gaining the ability to speak to spirits in Twilight, though sacrificing the ability to speak to people in the material realm.

Communion with the Higher Realms (••••)

The Illuminated enters a dream-filled trance, gleaning insight and wisdom from the imagery found within.

Accepting the Mantle of the Divine (•••••)

A master of Spiritus Sancti can pray to the divine Unity, gaining the power of one of a variety of special Bestowments. While in this state, the Mystikoi is obviously inhuman (though perhaps beautifully so).

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