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The Invictus p. 202-207
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The Bloodline Discipline of the Gangrel-based Annunaku, Tenure gives a vampire an uncanny awareness of his mystically-bonded haven, or Demesne. Users of Tenure are known as Landlords. Legends tell of ancient Landlords who called down storms on their land to drive away invaders.

Discipline Levels

Whispers of the Chamber (•)

With a bit of concentration, a Landlord can find any known or well-defined object in a small area of control, or Demesne, despite said object being lost, hidden, or disguised in any way.
This can be used in rather creative ways, such as to reveal intruders. The better the character can define the object searched for, the better the chance of finding it.
Also, as long as the Landlord is in his Demesne, he is aware of any unauthorized entry.

Home Ground (••)

Essentially, a Tenure-based knowledge of the area allows the Landlord to move through it effortlessly while your enemy is unused to the foreign terrain, and stumbles.
If an invading Kindred runs after a Landlord in his haven, invariably, the carpet (or something) will trip him up. An attempt to hide in a Landlord's haven will somehow result in random light patterns pointing directly to the invader.

Voice of the Castle (•••)

As Tenure grows stronger within the Annunaku, the perception granted from Whispers of the Chamber grows in size. Instead of a castle, modern vampires could know of the goings-on inside a Demesne the size of a shopping mall.

Watching the Bounds (••••)

Advanced Landlords gain the mystical ability to tell whenever a supernatural power is used within their Demesne. Any Kindred expending Vitae or activating a Discipline within the Demesne is immediately sensed. This extends to special powers utilized by werewolves, mages, ghosts, or other supernatural creatures. Passive supernatural powers are undetected.
The exact location of the creature is not necessarily known, just that a supernatural creature is near. If any one of the Landlord's Contacts, Allies, Retainers, or any other Demesne-based social connection suffers lethal or aggravated damage, he may sense that as well.
Watching the Bounds works only within the Landlord's Demesne, and only when he is present within the Demesne.

Master of the Demesne (•••••)

Those who have mastered Tenure can detect anyone within their Demesne precisely. The Landlord can track someone for an entire scene, if they so choose. Master of the Demesne enhances previous powers to the point of knowing the invader's demeanor, bearing, and actual surroundings.
With a bit of effort, the vampire can even cause his Demesne to interact with the target, either to help or hinder. Obviously, this power will only work within the vampire's Demense.
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