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Bloodlines The Chosen p. 32-35
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Mimetismo is the unique discipline of the eyeless Baddacelli bloodline of the Nosferatu. Blind and dwelling in darkness, the Baddacelli use Mimetismo's powers of mimicry and sound to great advantage against foes used to relying on sight.

This discipline is described in detail in Bloodlines: The Chosen.

The blind Baddacelli bloodline uses this discipline to compensate for their visual impairment by using their acute sense of hearing and their gift for mimicking sounds.

Basic Discipline Levels

• Certain Sounds

The Baddacelli has no problems finding their way by sound, or using sound to locate and track prey, though this ability does not help them in combat.

•• Impersonation

The vampire may precisely mimic any sound they have heard (live; recordings don't work) that could be made by human vocal chords, including a specific person's voice, and make it seem to come from another source.

  • Intelligence + Subterfuge + Mimetismo - Resolve

••• Cacophony

As for Impersonation, but the Baddacelli may mimic any sound they have heard, from a steam train to a full orchestra.

•••• Echolocation

The Baddacelli uses bat-like sonar to perceive her surroundings, acting without penalties for blindness, even extending their awareness through solid objects.

••••• Aural Assault

The vampire produces a sound which stuns and potentially deafens an opponent.

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