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Bloodlines The Chosen
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A distortion of the teachings of the Californian Xiao's founder, Xiao Jun Jie, Kingjan is the power to drain and destroy emotions, with the Kindred doing so reaping the benefits.

This discipline is described in detail in Bloodlines The Chosen.

Basic Discipline Levels

• Degradation

The Kindred gives a subtle hint to their target, weakening their emotions and causing them to develop an emotional dependency on the user.

•• Mortify

The Xiao warps the nature of the subject's thoughts, turning positive emotions into negative ones; it can then be instantly reversed.

••• Kiss of Oblivion

The stealing of thoughts and desires straight from the victim's soul, allowing the user to gain unrivaled insights, while making the subject listless.

•••• Wave of Apathy

A quick and simple action that tears apart a man's self-confidence and ambitions from the inside.

••••• Blessed Detachment

The utter destruction of even the most powerful and deep-rooted emotions within the target.

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