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The Invictus 192-196, 212-213
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Domus is the unique Discipline of the Malocusian bloodline of the Ventrue. Through a blood ritual known as "the investiture", Domus attunes a Malocusian to her haven like a Spider in the centre of her web. The Domus discipline is well known within the covenant of the Invictus as being associated with the Malocusian bloodline.

Basic Discipline Levels

• The Web Trembles

The Malocusian is aware of creatures crossing into his haven. This awareness includes ephemeral beings, if the Spider has some means of perceiving them.

•• The Web Speaks

The vampire senses everything that happens in her haven through the senses of sight, hearing and touch.

••• Loyal Web

The house becomes even more personally attuned to its master, aiding his physical and social actions in subtle ways while hindering others.

•••• The Spider’s Cocoon

The Spider melds with her haven, dissolving her body into blood and soaking into the very walls, making the house her new physical form.

••••• The Living Web

The Spider's haven becomes a living thing, changing to match his will and drawing on the life of creatures within its bounds to feed its master.

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