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This potent Discipline grants a character superlative sensory capabilities. At the lowest levels, it sharpens a Kindred’s mundane senses. As one progresses in mastery, entirely new avenues of insight open up before the user. Ultimately, this is the Discipline of gleaning information, whether that data comes from sights and smells, from auras and patterns of energy or directly from the mind of another creature. In addition, Auspex can be used to pierce the veil of powers that cloud, dissemble and deceive (see Clash of Wills). Indeed, precious little can be kept secret from a true master of Auspex.

Once in a while, this uncanny Discipline provides extrasensory and even precognitive visitations. Such premonitions might come as quick flashes of imagery, overwhelming feelings of empathy or even as an ominous sense of foreboding. The Kindred has absolutely no control over these insights, but he can learn to interpret their significance given time and experience.

Such potent sensitivity can have its drawbacks, however. When a vampire actively uses any level of Auspex save the fifth (Twilight Projection), he runs the risk of his delicate senses being overwhelmed by excessive stimuli. Sudden or severe occurrences such as a gun report or flash bulb in the eyes can distract the character unless the player succeeds on a Resolve roll. Failure disorients the character, making him effectively unaware of his surroundings until the end of the following turn.

This is a Vampire House Rule Heightened Senses has been replaced by Beasts Hackles. All Vampires now get Heightened Senses.


Basic Discipline Levels

• Beast's Hackles

The Beast focuses on danger and weakness..

•• Aura Perception

A keen observer can detect a person's feelings and intent; an Auspex user can sense even more. By peering into his aura, Kindred can uncover even the deepest and most complex feelings a person may have, even if he does not admit them. This power can also bring some light into the nature of the observed creature and reveal whether it is mortal or a supernatural creature. See Auras

••• The Spirit's Touch

It is said that every object carries within the emotions of the person, maybe even the events, that it was involved with. This Auspex power can access some of those events, by projecting the psychic image inside the using kindred's mind after a brief moment of contact with the object. In this fashion, the power can also reveal the immediate past of a person, albeit with greater difficulty.

•••• Telepathy

The Auspex user can now enter a mortal's consciousness, enabling her to read some of his thoughts or even implanting new thoughts and ideas; the target, however, will clearly recognize those ideas as alien, and will usually fight back in whatever fashion he may deem appropriate. Kindred can even use this power on other supernatural creatures, though the resistance is greater.

Cost: None for a mortal; 1 Willpower for a supernatural subject unless the supernatural subject is willing.
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Socialize + Auspex – subject’s Resolve + Composure + Advantage
This is a Vampire House Rule Telepathy is House Ruled to use Contested Resistance rather than Automated Resistance

••••• Twilight Projection

By projecting her consciousness outside her body, the vampire becomes an incorporeal consciousness while her body is kept in a torpor-like state. While she remains projected, she can move around as if she were a ghost, and can communicate with other entities also found in a Twilight state. She cannot interact with neither the physical or incorporeal world, nor can her Twilight body be hurt in any way.

Auspex & Other Rules

  • One of the chief uses of Auspex is unveiling the hidden things of the world; this makes it a discipline that can lift the veil of illusion created by other kindred's Obfuscate (Or similar powers used by other supernatural creatures). See Clash of Wills.

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