Heightened Senses

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Heightened Senses
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Vampire The Requiem Sourcebook
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This is a Vampire House Rule Heightened Senses are part of the default Vampire template -- all Vampires have Heightened Senses. Auspex ● has been replaced by The Beast's Hackles.

When this power is activated, all of the vampire’s senses sharpen to a razor’s edge, effectively doubling both the range and clarity of all stimuli received. Heightened eyesight allows the vampire to perceive the most minute details of objects at great distances, while a heightened sense of smell might alert a character to the presence of trace amounts of alcohol on a mortal’s breath. Kindred with this power also have the option of magnifying a single sense, as opposed to all five, in order to better block out unwanted stimuli from other sources. Note, however, that the risk of sudden distraction remains, regardless of how many or how few senses are currently heightened. (Note that vampires do not breathe. As such, the Kindred do not smell unless they actively will themselves to do so, and thus cannot be overwhelmed suddenly by smells unless they are actively smelling at the time.) The player simply activates the power and explains to the Storyteller what his character is doing and with which sense(s).[1]

Dice Pool: This power typically involves no roll.
Action: Instant

This is a benefit of the mechanic. The Storyteller may allow the player to add her character’s Auspex dots to a surprise roll (Wits + Composure[2]).

This is a benefit of the mechanic. This power allows a vampire to see in pitch-black darkness.

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