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Beasts Hackles
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Blood and Smoke
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This is a Vampire House Rule This is a modified version of the source material presented in Blood and Smoke. Please read carefully.

The Beast focuses on danger and weakness. A vampire who borrows her Beast’s senses can use that focus to gauge another Beast. By focusing on another character for one Turn (3 seconds), the vampire can determine one of two things:

Cost: Varies, as the Discipline is slightly tiring; the first use in a scene is free, but subsequent uses in the same scene cost 1 Vitae each.
Dice Pool: Wits + Empathy + Auspex versus the subject’s Resolve + Blood Potency + Obfuscate and/or Protean (see below)
Action: Instant
Resistance: Contested

This is information about the mechanic. The Beast is sensitive to things that other people cannot normally perceive; using this Discipline can pierce Obfuscate and Aspect of the Predator. If the target is actively using either or both of these Disciplines, add their Discipline dots to the Resistance roll.

This is a drawback of the mechanic. As with any similar action, such as Aura Perception, the scrutiny (concentrated staring) is subject to notice.



Dramatic Failure

The character's Beast is consumed by it's inspection of the other predator, and the user immediately rolls for fear or anger Frenzy as per Predators Taint.


The character is unable to accurately take the other predator's measure.


The character rolls the most Successes and is able to accurately discern the nature of the other Predator. For Blood Potency, the target's BP is revealed. For Hunger, the target Average Vitae Pool is revealed.

Exceptional Success

The character learns everything about the other predator. If they were checking for Blood Potency, then Hunger is also revealed and vice versa.

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