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Bloodlines The Hidden p. 85-87
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This is a Vampire House Rule This Discipline is not allowed.

Tezcatl, is the Nahuatl (Aztecian) word for "mirror" and is the discipline which separates Man and the Beast into two entities. This allows for a greater control over, but at the expense of, occasionally indulging the Beast.

It is the focus of the Ventrue Nahualli bloodline and significantly contributes to their image as madmen with split personalities.

Discipline Levels

The founder of this Bloodline died before completing his Discipline, so there are only four levels of competence.

• Conciliation

This mutes the effect of the Beast sufficiently that, when encountering another Kindred, neither the user nor the target are affected by the Predator's Taint.

•• Life's Reflection

The manifests the Blush of Life to a magnified level of simulation.

••• Focus the Aspect

This can have the effect of causing one emotion to rise above others in a target and it therefore becomes their main driving force for a time.

•••• The Smoking Mirror

The practitioner fully manifests his dark nature: immersing into a deep,Rage frenzy that might last longer than an average frenzy.

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