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Carthians p. 184-188
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The Impurity discipline is associated with the Deucalion bloodline, an absurdly zealous group of Carthian skinheads who proclaim the universal superiority of the Ventrue clan.

Impurity highlights the weaknesses that define each of the vampiric Clans; each level is designed to inflict that weakness upon Kindred, or, at higher levels, inflict it in a much greater way than is suffered by members of that clan. Because the effects of each level are thematically redundant with the way that each clan already suffers, Impurity has no effect on members of the clan matching the weakness being inflicted.

For more details, purchase The Carthians a Sourcebook for Vampire: the Requiem.

Basic Discipline Levels

• Feeble Shadow

Replicates the Mekhet weakness, causing non-Mekhet targets to become weaker to fire and sunlight.

•• Outcast Haunt

Simulates the Nosferatu weakness, making Kindred socially incapable of interacting with mortals.

••• Depraved Succubus

Duplicates the Daeva clan weakness, requiring the target to fulfill her Vice soon, or risk losing Willpower.

•••• Stupid Savage

References the Gangrel weakness, causing bestial disconnect with mental ability, and increasing the risk of frenzy.

••••• Mad Lord

Because the Deucalion believe the Ventrue to be perfect, few ascend to this level of Impurity, which causes every tic or oddity of a vampire's personality to be blown out of proportion.

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