Canda Bhanu

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Canda Bhanu
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Ancient Bloodlines p. 53
Clan Ventrue
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Your arrogance ill becomes you, traveler. I am a teacher of the way — will you not sit and speak peacefully with me? I am certain that we have much to learn from one another.

None still undead tonight, including the "new" Canda Bhanu themselves, remember the original Canda Bhanu, the tiny, insular, extremely devout and scholarly Mekhet bloodline destroyed and consumed by the Ventrue invaders who claimed their name. The blood in their veins, however, does not forget what it is...and neither does the vengeance levied against that blood. When it became obvious that their doom was upon them and would not be denied, the eldest and most powerful blood sorcerer of the original Canda Bhanu lineage spent the last of herself in a terrible curse: that the treachery and murder that their killers brought to their doors would revisit itself upon them and bring them low, karma twisting upon itself to avenge the fall of the blameless and righteous. The act of diablerie that ended her unlife sealed that magic into the blood of her murderer and all his descendants. The Canda Bhanu are doomed to end as they began. Whether they will destroy only themselves or if they will take others down with them remains to be seen.

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