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The raw power of the mind. Cognitive capacity. The inherent capability to digest, comprehend and remember information -- and to learn more. Intelligence is a direct measure of how smart your character is. She may be dull-minded or have narrow-vision. She may be book-smart, or she may simply be able to grasp concepts, interpret situations and solve problems quickly. Intelligence is valued by planners, theorists, scholars, white-collar employees and leaders.

Memorizing and Remembering

Committing something such as a name or a facial feature to memory can require an Intelligence + Composure roll, as can recalling that information later. The more calm your character is the more likely it is that she retains the knowledge. If the information is familiar to your character or referenced often, no roll is required unless she's nervous or under pressure (Storyteller's discretion). If the information is brief or simple, such as a license-plate number, no modifiers may apply. The Storyteller may impose bonuses or penalties under various circumstances. Memorizing or recalling something at one's leisure offers a +1 to +3 bonus. A common name such as "Dave" is easy to memorize (+3 ). Extensive information, details studied quickly or distractedly, or unusual or strange facts such as foreign names are harder to remember (-1 to -5). Features witnessed hours ago are easy to recall (+1), while those observed days, weeks or years ago are harder to conjure up (-1 to -5).

Storytellers can make memory rolls on players' behalf so the veracity of information called forth is never certain. Another option is to forego rolls if a player remembers (or does not remember) the details.

Roll Results


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