Bestow Ghostly Sight

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MageSpells ● Bestow Ghostly Sight
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Death ●●
+ Prime ●●●●
Instant None
Covert Patterning
Duration Prolonged
Tome of the Mysteries.jpg
Tome of the Mysteries, p. 29
The Mysterium : Eyes of the Grave
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By altering the Pattern of a Sleeper’s perceptual capabilities, this spell enables the Sleeper to gaze into Twilight and perceive the shades of the dead.

Although covert in Aspect, this spell will invoke Disbelief if the Sleeper is in any way resistant to, or becomes especially terrified by, what he perceives (and most will be either one or the other, given the horror inherent in beholding the unquiet dead).

Mysterium Rote: Eyes of the Grave

By means of this rote, mages of the Mysterium can enable Sleeper associates to perceive the goings-on of the disincarnate dead. Alternately, a Sleeper who has somehow earned the wrath of the willworker might be compelled to gaze into the ghostly realm, whether the Sleeper likes it or not.

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