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Theurgists on the Path of the Mighty
Scions of the Watchtower of the Golden Key in the Realm of the Aether
Kingdom of the Celestial Spheres and Abode of Angels

Obrimos is one of the five Paths for mages in Mage: The Awakening.

  • Their theme (and their Tarot card) is Strength, their mood Hope.
  • Their Ruling Arcana are Forces and Prime
  • Their inferior Arcana is Death
  • Their Magical Tools are made of steel, petrified wood, and gold

The Obrimos

The Obrimos, often called Theurgists, are the path of the Awakened who draw their power from the realm of Aether, the realm of angels, gods, and magic unbound. The Obrimos are commonly seen as haughty, self-absorbed, and zealously moralistic. Indeed, a great many of those who walk the Path of the Mighty live up to this stereotype perfectly. But many Obrimos are of a far more pleasant bent. They can be virtuous paladins, stalwart defenders of mankind, or simply people who wish to do the right thing by other people. Yet more are as morally indefinable as are most people. Though they do not all believe in the same god or gods, and many do not believe in such entities at all, the Obrimos path as a whole is devoted to making the will of the Divine manifest on Earth. They believe, for the most part, in various and sometimes misguided ideals of justice, virtue, and honour, all directed towards making what they perceive to be a better world.

The main personality trait that unites all the disparate philosophies of the Obrimos is their conviction. Theurgists are usually extremely self-assured and secure in their power and their righteousness. This attitude makes them rather less susceptible to self-doubt than others, but also makes them both arrogant and, at times, over-confident. They hold the nigh-on-unshakeable certainty that their ideals are the right ones for the world, despite what anyone else (including another Obrimos) has to say. They can usually be trusted to live up to these ideals, making them reliable and honest, but also rigidly moral and predictable to a fault. Many are outspokenly religious, from whence the title of Theurgists originates, and often the “Divine” ideals they hold dear would seem repugnant to everyday people. It is this fanaticism and devotion to even the most flawed of ideals that leads to the large number of Banishers walking the Obrimos path.

Walkers on the Path of the Mighty are known to the less tolerant members of other Paths as arrogant, hypocritical, and holier-than-thou. But like all the stereotypes of each path, this view only showcases the very worst examples of Obrimos fervour, passion, and morality. Though they possess their flaws, the ranks of the Obrimos are filled with as many noble idealists as pushy preachers. The supposedly divine connection of the Obrimos makes them extremely assured and confident, and this can lead to their trademark elitism, but just as often it leads to a charitable and truly noble soul. The Obrimos in turn (or at least the more egotistical amongst them) perceive other paths as either barbarians or morally bankrupt.

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InferiorDeath  +
ParentObrimos  +
RulingForces  +, and Prime  +
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