Enhance Toxin

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MageSpells ● Enhance Toxin
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Matter ●●●
Instant None
Covert Perfecting
Duration Prolonged
Seers of the Throne Sourcebook.jpg
Seers of the Throne Sourcebook, p. 192
Seers : The Fatal Drop
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The poisoner’s craft is a distasteful one, but one that has, nevertheless, been practiced through centuries and millennia, by the Awakened as surely as by Sleepers. This spell amplifies the deleterious qualities of a toxic substance, rendering it even more lethal to its victim than it normally would be.

Each success assigned to this spell’s Potency increases a poison’s Toxicity by 1. Note that biological poisons and venoms may be enhanced by way of this spell, though not while still within the creature that produces them, unless the mage adds Life 3 to the casting.

Seers of the Throne Rote: The Fatal Drop

From their earliest days, certain among the servants of the Lie have resorted to the envenomed dagger and the poisoned chalice as tools of their masters’ control. Even now, Seers continue this insidious science, refining the vicious tools of their trade to levels wholly unseen in nature.

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