Astral Entrance

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Mind ●●●
Extended None
Duration Prolonged
Astral Realms.jpg
Astral Realms, p.23
FC : Landing Pad
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When a group enters Astral Space with the intention of traveling together, they must find each other there first. This spell makes a section of Astral Space the definitive entrance point for incoming astral travelers.

The target number is equal to the dice bonus the caster wishes to give to incoming travelers. The dice applies to attempts to arrive at or locate the location of the ritual. It is meant for mages seeking to join the caster but also attracts astral natives.

Free Council Rote: Landing Pad

Libertines exploring Astral Space together use this rote so they start their journey off on the right foot. Guardians of the Veil use a version of this rote (Intelligence + Streetwise + Mind) to ambush astral travelers or capture astral natives.

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