Astral Invitation

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Mind ●●●
Instant None
Duration Prolonged
Astral Realms.jpg
Astral Realms, p.22
The Mysterium : Astral Teamwork
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The mage marks one or more companions and creates a one-way bridge between their minds and his, allowing them to enter his dream space. A mage’s dream space is full of personal information and potential secrets insecurities and aspirations are all evident, if not always clearly presented. Even a mage’s real name can be found there, making this spell one casts only on sure friends.

A target of this spell may choose to enter the caster’s Oneiros rather than her own when passing the Astral Threshold, as long as she does so within the spell’s Duration. There is no path between Oneiroi; a target who enters her own Oneiros but still wishes to enter the caster’s must return to waking dream and again pass through the Astral Threshold. This spell affects one target without additional Target factors, and the caster must touch all targets. The spell can be cast at sensory range at Mind 4 and sympathetically at Mind 5. At Mind 4, the mage can cast this spell on behalf of a willing target.

Mysterium Rote: Astral Teamwork

Dream spaces are rich with forgotten knowledge, but it takes a team to get any of the good stuff. Mystagogues use this rote to bring their cabal along for richer rewards.

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