Astral Interdiction

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Mind ●●●●
Instant None
Covert Unraveling
Duration Prolonged
Astral Realms.jpg
Astral Realms, p. 25
Ladder : Blockading the Astral Road
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This spell reaches into a target’s mind, questing for the path the target follows inward to Astral Space. Once there, the spell seals the path shut and makes it impossible to find or follow.

For the spell’s Duration, the target is incapable of entering Astral Space. People affected by this spell who are already in Astral Space can continue to explore it and travel between astral strata, but no one affected by the spell can cross the Astral Threshold until the spell ends.

Silver Ladder Rote: Blockading the Astral Road

Access to Astral Space occupies a small place in the typical Awakened mind, but access is important to some and vital in some moments. Silver Ladder mages learn this rote to get more control over other mages; with it, they can punish a student of the astral by denying him access or get the edge on rivals when Astral Space is key.

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