22 Solid

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22 Solid
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Carthians p. 196
Cost 1 Willpower
Action Reflexive
Disciplines Protean ●●
Resilience ●●
XP 12 xp
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This Discipline was developed in 1982 by Dr. Antoine Stockton. A Michigan physician who was Embraced by a Gangrel with a dying ghoul and more urgency than sense, Dr. Stockton became a Night Doctor. A recalibration of the undead body’s resistance to harm was a spectacular yield from his studies of Kindred physiology. He called it “Too Too Solid Flesh” because he was a scholar of the classics. The Carthians using it in the struggle tonight are generally less educated, more modern and inclined to call it 22 Solid.

  • Dice Pool: This Devotion does not require a roll.

When 22 Solid is activated, it downgrades a number of lethal damage points into bashing. The damage reduced is equal to the user’s Resilience. Twenty-Two Solid can be used while standard Resilience is active, but 22 Solid lasts only for a single turn per use. This Devotion does not affect damage already taken, but only new damage inflicted while the Devotion is active. If the character has Armor, apply the Armor first before downgrading damage. If the Armor applies only to bashing damage, the Armor does not protect against damage that used to be lethal before it was changed into bashing by this Devotion.

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