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Any kind of damage that does not pierce the body but that batters against it is considered bashing damage. This includes most harm from brawling combat, punches, kicks, beatings with a blunt instrument and even falling or being thrown into a brick wall. Certain targeted bashing attacks may cause lethal damage, at the Storyteller's discretion[1]. Bashing damage is "upgraded" to lethal once a mortal being's rightmost Health box is occupied by Bashing damage.

Vampire Considerations

Vampires don’t bruise when they take bashing damage, and besides the occasional minor cut or abrasion, they don’t show any evidence of the injury at all. This is why the mythical toughness of Kindred has been blown out of proportion by those few mortals who have encountered vampires and lived to tell the tale — you can wind up and pound one with a baseball bat and his head will snap back with the blow, but there won’t be a mark on him. In most cases, bashing wounds just seem to make vampires angrier.

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