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Carthians p. 166
Clan Daeva
Covenant Carthian Movement
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It's Time.

The enigmatic Zelani Bloodline has barely enough members to form a single coterie. Their founder has great plans for the bloodline and encourages them to rise to their rightful place as leaders. Victim of a particular heinous embrace, Lorna's exact origins and some details of her history remain mysterious. Members of the bloodline have ever since set out to several important cities.

All currently existing Zelani belong to the Carthians, though Lorna is eager for them to branch out to other covenants.


Just as all Daeva, the Zelani have trouble resisting their base impulses. Any time a Zelani has the chance to indulge in her Vice and chooses not to do so, she loses two points of Willpower (as opposed to gaining one by partaking in its pleasures).

In addition, Lorna Zelan bears the psychological scars of her hideous Embrace and has passed her aversion to invading people’s homes on to her bloodline. Zelani are unable to enter a residence of any kind (apartment buildings, houses, even hotels) without an invitation from someone who dwells there. The invitation doesn’t have to come from the rightful owner, but must be issued by a resident rather than a visitor. Until such an invitation is issued, the Zelani cannot cross the threshold into the building. The vampire cannot directly force an invitation (with Dominate, for instance), but can use Majesty to entice one or Serendipity to arrive at the right moment to be invited. If the Zelani enters a building without an invitation or is forced to do so, roll the character’s Resolve + Strength. Each success inflicts one level of aggravated damage upon the character (so it is possible for a Zelani to crumble to dust if she violates this taboo).

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