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The Invictus.jpg
The Invictus p. 173
Clan Daeva
Covenant Invictus
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“I should be profoundly grateful if you would permit me the chance to defeat you.”

Created by Artus Le Jumel, to Spina courtesy is in the blood. Within them is the unshakeable faith that civility is the salvation of the Kindred; saving grace or not, through their discipline of Courtoisie it offers them power. Le Jumel founded The Most Honorable Order of the Thorned Wreath, they act as inquisitor and knight for the Invictus, jumping to the fore whenever threats loom from without. Professional soldiers and rescue specialists bound by a strict oath of humble self-sacrifice, the Barbs are feared and admired in equal proportion.

Due to the deep-seated sense of what is proper conduct, being a member of The Most Honorable Order of the Thorned Wreath, and by extension the Invictus is generally a prerequisite. However, even within the Invictus, there are Spina who do not fit the mold. Most who leave are branded traitors. Exceptions are found primarily in the Lancea Sanctum, a handful in the Ordo Dracul, and even less among the Circle of the Crone. None are found among the Carthian Movement who are not also branded traitor, yet much to the Elders of The Most Honorable Order of the Thorned Wreath's dismay, they boast many members who are drawn to the idea of serving the people. A small number, despite the Spina's tendency towards service, find their values too far away from any Covenant and end up Unaligned.

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