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This is a site-wide House Rule Banned: Stone Cling has been removed from general play on Edge of Darkness. The staff has determined that Stone Cling is either over powered, inconsistent or does not promote constructive game play in the environment that has been built on this site. Please know that Stone Cling has been discussed on some level and that the removal of Stone Cling play was done with the best of intentions. This source material may be available outside of the general setting, in side games.
Ancient Bloodlines.jpg
Ancient Bloodlines p. 21
Disciplines Celerity
XP 6 xp
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Vampires have long been attributed with the ability to scale impossibly steep surfaces, and variations on this power exist. The Caporetti, who once inhabited the highest, steepest peaks of the Isonzo, find that it comes naturally, and many is the Alpine visitor who, just for a moment late at night, has seen a black figure crawling at an impossibly skewed angle over the frozen peaks.

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