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This serves as a compiled list of active rules for Changeling the Lost, and Changeling players venturing into other threads. These rules are a product of conversations between the STs and moderators, and a consideration of player suggestions.

These rules are a work in progress as we continually try to ensure that the game is fun for everyone, and play between different Splats is facilitated.


  • The Site Rules supersede Changeling-specific rules.
  • Character Creation: Please see Character Creation for Changeling. It is also suggested to use the Gentry's Workshop, or at least look through it before submitting a character.
  • Willpower: Follow the link for recovery rules. Willpower usage must be noted with Power Icons.
  • Posting: If a character goes 30 days without a post or without a public living room post by the player indicating a delay in posting time, the character will be marked Inactive.
  • Inactivity: Inactive characters may be reactivated if their players wrote them out of the threads they were in by themselves. If an ST has to remove your character from active scenes, then he or she will be considered Abandoned and you will probably not get the character back.
  • Backgrounds: We have some established backgrounds for other cities. If your character is going to be from one of them please check the following for what is established as cannon: Houston


Each Changeling Character may be in five (5) concurrent Scenes.

  • This total includes, Plots, Socials, and Court meetings.
  • Your character is required to attend Coronation Courts (4 times a year).
  • This does not include Comms or Shards.
  • Tracker and Power Icons are used to monitor Scenes.


If you've set everything up properly (which is required), only a few things need to be added to the signature line.

  • Seeming, Kith and Mantle effect, if you have one.
  • Merits that might be noticeable, such as Court Goodwill, Fame, Giant, or Striking Looks.
  • Contracts and Pledges you have active -- keep all active pledges in either your signature or your minisheet. If you have an active pledge and it is not found in either of these places, you forfeit the benefit of this pledge.
  • Optional: Traits such as Health, Vitae, Willpower and their current state (if not in the signature, it must be in the Minisheet)
  • When in combat, please include Defense, Armor, and Speed



  • Talking should be restricted to 1-3 syllables; any more (up to seven) will constitute an Action.


This is a Changeling House Rule All Glamour expenditures in Scenes should be noted with Power Icons.

Average Glamour Pool: Characters start each scene with a base amount of Glamour equal to their Clarity. They add an additional point of Glamour to their pool for each dot in the Harvest merit they possess. Characters can also regain Glamour during scenes by doing one of the following:


They can attempt to Harvest during a scene. Sources of Glamour include emotions, dreams, and Hedge bounty. Each requires the appropriate Harvesting roll, gaining one point of Glamour per success. Keep in mind that while Changelings may not Harvest from one another, they may still Harvest from other supernaturals. However, results vary and are certainly not without their own inherent risks.


Obvious displays of Magic in Front of witnesses is NOT a Clarity 6 Breaking Point if the witnesses possess a template AND the Changeling knows this. It is just as damaging to the Changeling's hold on reality if he thinks the witness is mortal and he/she is not.

Developing a Derangement for ANY length of time whatsoever calls for a Clarity 3 Breaking Point. This does not apply to any derangement gained through failed degeneration rolls.

REMEMBER! Not all Breaking Points are caused by the changeling. The actions of OTHERS can erode YOUR sanity. Beware.


The following Kiths have Changeling House Rules: Coyote, Di-cang, Gameplayer, Lurker, Manikin, Mirrorskin, Shadowsoul, Weisse Frau


The following Skills have Changeling House Rules: Occult Skill


Clarification: While RAW does not explicitly indicate whether certain Contracts require Line of Sight or for the user to be in sensory range of the target, here in the Edge of Darkness, we require that a character using a Contract on someone must have Line of Sight of their target in order to successfully use a Contract on them.

Shapeshifting Contracts

Additionally, any contract that involves shapeshifting, such as Fang and Talon, Elements, or Mirror, display clearly fae aspects while in the Hedge. Thus, a Fang and Talon transformation into a dog in the Hedge will not appear as a regular German Shepard, but rather some combination of German Shepshep and fantastic creature, and a Mirror contract would perhaps leave a reflective quality to the user's skin.

Additional House Ruled Contracts

The following Contracts have Changeling House Rules: Dream Contracts, Fleeting Autumn, Punishing Summer, Sorrow-Frozen Heart, Spellbound Autumn, Verdant Spring



Due the transient nature of play by post, only Lesser and Medial Durations (Day up to Season) are allowed until a character has been in play for a year.


The Lost possess the ability to forge various supernatural agreements, even if they do not understand the actual forces at work behind them. The power to bind oneself to another with these strands of Fate is a function of one's Wyrd. In practice, a character will spend a point of Willpower and verbally state the terms of the pledge IC. Once it is accepted by the other party, the player should copy their post in the Pledge Calendar

  • Post the desired mechanics of the Pledge. If the Pledge is mechanically unsound, it will simply not bind.
  • Players are encouraged to take advantage of commonly known pledges such as those those found in CtL (185-190) and RoS (43-44).

This is a site-wide House Rule Pledges can only be made between PCs and ST run NPCs. Retainers, Allies, etc cannot be Pledged with.


Ensorcellment only works on mortals. This specifically excludes any member of another venue with a supernatural template.

The Glamour Invested into the Ensorcelled is taken out of the Changeling's maximum Glamour. So if someone at Wyrd 1 subjects someone to Ensorcellment, their new maximum Glamour is 9.


Any merit that is wholly mundane can be granted, except Social Merits such as Allies, Contacts, Resources, and Status. With ST approval, one of these restricted Merits may be gained by a pledge for the duration of one specific scene, however this would be an unusual exception.


Only the Seasonal Courts are in play.


Mantle effects are extensively House-Ruled.

  • A Mantle may not meta-pose feeling in other characters.

Spring Mantle

● +1 Socialize pools
●●● +1 Presence pools once/day
●●●●● Re-roll Social pools on first meetings once/day; keep 2nd roll

Summer Mantle

● +1 Athletics pools
●●● +1 Stamina pools once/day
●●●●● Re-roll failed Strength rolls once/day; keep 2nd roll

Autumn Mantle

● +1 Occult pools
●●● +1 Intelligence pools once/day
●●●●● Re-roll failed Occult rolls relating to magic and True Fae once/day; keep 2nd roll

Winter Mantle

● +1 Subterfuge pools
●●● +1 Composure pools once/day
●●●●● Re-roll Stealth rolls to avoid notice once/day; keep 2nd roll


Characters must be in play at least 6 months to become eligible for an Entitlement. This way, your character will be able to build in characters experiences as well as XP which will help explain your character's entrance into their chosen entitlement. After the six months have passed, and you gain permission to enter the entitlement (which can be done through a request on your character sheet, like an XP purchase submission), you will write two glimpses that show both why your character is entering the entitlement, and how they enter it (such as meeting a mentor for the first time). You do not need a plot run by an ST to gain an entitlement, but it should make sense with your character.

(Example: Mack The Knife is always asking for money when someone asks for a favor in nearly every scene. He would qualify for The Guild of Goldspinners.)

The following Entitlements have been House-Ruled:

Dream Shaping

All Changelings are able to manipulate dreams in one of three ways. They may create a completely original dream by using the second clause of the Contracts of Dream, Forging the Dream. For access to a wider variety of more nuanced forms of dream shaping, a sleeping Changeling may enter a dream and use his understanding of the dreaming mind to manipulate it with Oneiromancy. In extreme situations, a knowledgable Changeling may even use the tangled paths of the Skein to travel from dream to dream.

Forging the Dream

Contract of Dream •• : “The character may edit the sleeper’s dreams and dictate their content, with the sole exception of depicting the sleeper’s death.”[1] This Contract allows a Changeling to insert a dream into the psyche of a sleeper and then watch as it unfolds in the subject's mind. The number of successes rolled to invoke this clause determines the Intensity of the dream, and the Changeling may even attempt to Harvest Glamour from the dreamer's emotional response to it. Although this clause allows Changelings to craft dreams with the same effects as those that have been Dreamscaped, the contents are wholly dictated by the Changelings creating them, making it impossible to use Dream Riding techniques. In addition, the Contract ends as soon as the Changeling stops manipulating the events of the dream, severing the connection to the dreamer's psyche. Changelings are not asleep during the use of this Contract, and may choose to end it at any time as an instant action. However, if they are distracted or disturbed by anything outside of the dream, they must succeed on a reflexive Resolve + Composure roll to avoid ending it prematurely. Changelings must use Oneiromachy to gain control of the dream if they are not the only ones attempting to manipulate it(including the subject, if they are using this clause on a lucid dreamer, such as another Changeling).


Dream manipulation through oneiromancy will follow the rules as written of the Changeling The Lost Sourcebook[2]. The only exception is that recipients of Sleep Teaching do not gain an experience point if the Oneiromancer rolls an exceptional success for the Intensity of the dream. However, Sleep Teaching Glimpses will still earn the author extra experience at XP Report time.

The Skein

Traveling the Skein requires one of three techniques as described in Dancers in the Dusk[3]: casting an Oneiroscope, dreamscaping the first gate, or hiring an Incubus guide. Casting an Oneiroscope requires an Oneiroscopy Occult skill specialty and if successful lets you determine when a suitable first gate can be found in the subject's dreams that will eventually lead to the desired destination dream. A suitable gate can also be Dreamscaped, however this action always causes the dreamer to experience a nightmare afterwards. Finally, an Incubus can be hired at the Goblin Market, allowing a Changeling to swiftly reach the destination dream without the need for any rolls. Regardless of which method is chosen, Skeinwalking is always a significant dream journey and should not be attempted lightly.

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