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The noble orders are a fundamental part of Changeling society. These orders are referred to as "Entitlements," and those who have gained a title are known as "entitled." An Entitlement may be given to changelings, being a member of an organization. Each has their own history and Entitlements. There is usually a cost associated with becoming a member, either "in game" or a mechanical cost of Glamour and Wyrd.

  • Upon swearing an oath, and therefore joining that order, the changeling gains the benefits of that order. The changeling also gains some changes to their Mien, although its only minor.
  • When making dealings with the true fae, a changeling with a title will most probably be noticed before one without. This makes it difficult to avoid the fae.

Adjudicators of the Wheel

The Adjudicators of the Wheel are firm believers in the principles of fairness and justice. They look at the inequalities in the world and are filled with the need to balance the scales. However, the Judges do not believe in spreading wide-scale social change, at least not by themselves. Instead, they function on a much more personal level. Adjudicators are silent observers and meddlers, a cabal that bears witness to actions and metes out punishments or rewards as they see fit, and takes care that neither their beneficiaries nor their victims can trace their sudden shift in fortunes to anything but simple chance.

Ancient And Accepted Order Of Bridgemasons

The Bridgemasons' Order is an old one, dating back at least as far as the Dark Ages. Its doctrine says it was born during a distant mythic era, when the Gentry slipped between worlds with ease. The ancient True Fae took artisans as slaves and taught them how to build bridges across the Hedge so that the Gentry could ride down safe and fast. This became the art of Wyrdbuilding. Practitioners founded the Order of Bridgemasons and made themselves a great guild among the Lost. They built mighty walls, tunnel-ridden mounds and high temples for their freeholds.

Barony Of The Lesser Ones

The Hedge has its own inhabitants: a host of goblins, hobgoblins and Hedge Beasts. The Barony of the Lesser Ones is charged with dealing with these hobgoblins. Its members negotiate with some, carefully watch the activities of others, and, when necessary, defend changelings from the depredations of the Hedge's hostile inhabitants.

Bishopric Of Blackbirds

The Bishopric of Blackbirds believe themselves the salvation of the freehold, positioning members to be there when others need them. That is their first stated goal: to assist those poor Lost when necessary. They often wander the Hedge and look for those who have escaped from Arcadia, and offer guidance to those who are lost, above all. As a changeling, it’s all too easy to lose one’s way, and the Bishopric accepts the role of savior.

Bodhisattvas Of The Broken Cage

The Bodhisattvas of the Broken Cage are dedicated to encouraging individuals (both human and Lost) to break out of the rut of habit, conformity and social acceptability. Many of society’s rules of social conduct involve restraining one’s self within certain perimeters of behavior which have been deemed to be acceptable by the masses and while this insistence on conformity seems on the surface to protect society, it induces stagnation and punishes those who think outside the box. So, at least, runs the philosophy of the Broken Cage.

Bronze Beylik

Pride drives the Beys. They accept that they are kingmakers as easily as they accept the wetness of water or the heat of the sun. The Beys are not secret about what they do: they make their efforts clear, which often puts them into opposition with the local changelings. But the Lost of the Beylik take it all in stride, having full faith in their abilities to raise a king, queen, sultan or caliph to the throne.

Charmed Circle

“There are kings, and then there are kings.” In the briefest of terms, that is what the Charmed Circle is all about. And that is what they seek: true leaders. Those rulers who are exceptional in some aspect are what draw the attention of this eldritch order. It’s true that a word like “exceptional” is just an adjective and thus, subjective. The Circle argues, however, that it’s no such thing. That one’s excellence is measurable and more importantly, demonstrable, and in doing so merits a monarch to wear the golden torc that rests upon the neck of the Gilded King or Queen.

College Of Worms

The fae of the College of Worms believe that fate needs to be scrutinized. The threads of destiny aren’t easy to find, but they’re there for those who care to sort the chaff from the wheat. If the seemingly inscrutable threads of fate can be parsed and understood, then perhaps the College of Worms can help predict when terrible things might happen to the freehold.

Court Of The Solstice

At what point does a true Great Court of changelings develop and how is the process initiated? The so-called Courtiers of the Solstice believe that they are on the path that leads to such a thing, venerating and, in some cases, perhaps even safeguarding the transitions between the seasons. The entitlement serves as a sanctuary for idealists, an experiment for those curious about the power of the between-times and half-places, and, also as a dumping ground for those who couldn’t cut it in any of the established Courts.

Duchy Of The Icebound Heart

The heart is a fragile thing. The Dukes and Duchesses of the Icebound Heart recognize this fact, having themselves once been vulnerable, and they have sworn to never again be helpless in such a way. Most of the changelings in the Duchy are potent manipulators, playing emotions like a master harpist. It gets them whatever they want, whenever they want it.

Duchy Of Truth And Loss

To many changelings the greatest horror of their captivity strikes upon their return, when they discover that not only was no one aware of the horrors they suffered, but their friends and families did not even know they were gone. Instead, changelings must face a soulless fae-made imposter who has been living their lives and is often now their bitter foe. In an effort to prevent such horrors, the Dukes of Truth and Loss hunt down fetches before the changelings they ape return from Arcadia.

Eternal Echoes

Many Lost fight their way out of Arcadia and struggle through the Hedge, only to discover themselves all but forgotten by their friends and loved ones. By dedicating themselves to serving as a living memory for those around them, the Eternal Echoes hope to keep themselves and other Lost from being forgotten.

Family of Silent Nights

Dreams are overlooked by many, and mortals fail to even recognize a threat from the mind, but if you can’t trust even your dreams, all that remains is madness. The Family claims to recognize this threat, and to move forever to fight it. They are an ancient order, known throughout history by a hundred names. Everywhere they travel, they are known in legends as guardians against nightmares and protectors of sleep, but this is only part of the story. The Family holds the terrifying power to trap dreams, only to release them later against their enemies.

Guild Of Goldspinners

Even changelings need money. People need to buy food, shelter and everyday comforts, and to live among them changelings need to mimic human appetites or provide for the normal folks they care about.The problem's tricky, but there are solutions. The Goldspinners' Guild is one of them.

Guild Of The Sacred Journey

While every freehold is an independent entity, commerce, negotiations and diplomacy between freeholds is an important part of changeling life. Open only to the Fairest, the Guild of the Sacred Journey is a noble order of messengers and couriers bound by strict oaths to complete their missions to the very best of their ability.

Hedge Wardens

The Hedge Wardens believe there is promise in the Thorns. Their mission is a simple one, but one that seems insane to many: to tame the local Hedge around the freehold in which they find themselves, to root out and destroy the most dangerous of the region’s Hedge-Beasts, and to keep the trods open so that changelings can escape from Arcadia.

Hound Tribunal

The Hound Tribunal haunts the freehold in the name of the Court of Wrath and the Summer King, and those that stand in the way of the Court’s interests become targets. Those that dare to oppose the King or Queen — or worse, dare to bring harm to the monarch — are found to be enemies of the freehold, as judged by the members of this secret “noble” council. What happens to those branded as traitors, obstructionists, enemies? It depends on the thirst for blood possessed by the local Hounds.

Knighthood Of The Dragonslayer

Saint George’s legacy lives on in the form of a noble order. The Knighthood of the Dragonslayer — or Ordem dos Cavaleiros Matadors de Dragão — still works today, but not necessarily in a militaristic capacity. While members are expected to have some martial prowess to their credit, what they really do is function as spies, interrogators and policemen. If what’s exposed cannot be abided, they do whatever must be done to either continue the disclosure or to end it where it lays.

Knighthood Of Utmost Silence

All changelings are fugitives, on the run from capricious gods who'd take them back to alien torment. Some of the Lost -- the wrathful, the puissant and the foolish -- dream of fighting the True Fae. The Gentry are not mere monsters, they are boundless things, appetite and intelligence combined into a singular mystic gravity that sucks minions and stratagems into mad orbits. When the Gentry's hounds circle, it's time to call a Knight of Utmost Silence.

Knights Of The Knowledge Of The Tongue

The Knights of the Knowledge of the Tongue are not knights at all, at least not in the way of waving a sword and galloping a horse into the thick of battle. These Knights are committed gourmands, ill-contented with the standard array of ingredients, venturing far and wide to procure and cook with reagents that only changelings can find. They brave dangers so that they may bring the finest, rarest meals to the table.

Knights Of The Widow’s Walk

The Knights of the Widow’s Walk are much like men lost at sea, gone for so long and so consumed by their mission that they might drown and never be seen again. They are spies, driven into deep, deep cover, who leave their freehold and go to another. There, they assume a whole new identity, a persona suited to the social sphere they seek to penetrate. New name. New face. New role. Some risk Glamour addiction. Some find their Clarity shuddering as they are submerged beneath the waters of the new identity. Some get caught, and get dead.

Legacy Of The Black Apple

Part-beggar and part-diplomat, they interface with the most frightening of enemies, the Gentry, and they negotiate terms. The True Fae can be bound by contracts and pledges just like the Lost. If a Legate can get a Keeper to agree to terms (which are unlikely pleasant but may be more favorable than what was originally “on the table”), then the job is done and the deal is sealed.

Legion Of The Iron Wall

The Legion of the Iron Wall monitors the status of freeholds across the world, keeping an ear to the ground to find those that have become complacent and those that are in danger of being overrun by the threats that surround them. They pay special attention to rumors of gatherings in the Hedge, newly forming trods, and other warning signs of potential Gentry attacks. And when they find evidence that a freehold is in danger from a threat external or internal, they ride into town to try and sort things out.

Lord Sages Of The Unknown Reaches

The Lord Sages of the Unknown Reaches are a small and eccentric noble order dedicated to learning about the other supernatural beings that live in or occasionally visit the World of Darkness. Some are scholars and relic hunters, while others are diplomats and spies, but all Lord Sages are dedicated to protecting either their freehold or all changelings from other supernatural menaces.

Lost Pantheon

This eldritch order is an old one; older, perhaps, than the very notion of “noble title,” and aligned with powers that predate such things as agriculture, walled settlements, and the written word. They think back to a more primal and mysterious age, an age during which it seems that the otherworldly walked side-by-side with the mundane, and a balance existed between gods and men. These changelings have resolved to be those very gods in a jaded modern world.

Magi Of The Gilded Thorn

The Magi of the Gilded Thorn are a group of Autumn courtiers devoted to unraveling the ages-old riddles of the Thorns, claiming its many assets, and, perhaps, eventually learning to control its dangers. While the perils of this pursuit are many, the rewards are greater still. Or so the Magi maintain.

Magistrates Of The Wax Mask

The Magistrates help to ensure that a Court keeps up its Contracts and pledges with the changelings of the freehold, providing them with the proper festivals, games and other events, but they aren't nearly as charitable and impartial as they’d like the freehold to believe.

Margravate Of The Brim

The Margravate of the Brim is composed of those changelings who belong to the areas at the edges of the Freehold community, the so-called Brim, or “border marches.” These March Lords and Ladies claim that dwelling within the freehold is no safer than living outside of it. They are sworn to protect the freehold, and believe themselves to be the first and hopefully last line of defense against those outside the freehold who would dare to bring harm against the changeling community.

Office Of Vizieral Counsel

The members of this order all act as sorcerer-advisors to the kings and queens of the freehold. It is their sole purpose, and while not all of them are addled madmen capable of leveling an entire town with some long-forgotten clause of some heretical Contract, many are. Joining this order helps keep their lunacies at bay.

Order Of The Hallowed Garden

The mission of the Hallowed Garden is to reform and change populated areas, making new “gardens” in which certain ideas can grow and flourish, and preventing dangerous ideas from taking root. They are architects of urban renewal and change, careful guardians of whatever ideals they believe in. There are those who mistake the Gardeners for simple philosophers, but this order was formed in violence and death, and the keepers of the Hallowed Garden know that action is required to make their desires a reality.

Order Of The Oneirophysics

All Oneiromancers can enhance dreams to help someone heal better or learn faster. Oneirophysics take this a step further, however. Depending on their rank, a talented Dreamhealer can create miraculous effects through dream-wielding. From simple patch-up jobs to healing what would otherwise be fatal injuries and curing otherwise incurable diseases, they can work miracles in the slumbering world.

Parliament Of Victors

Every freehold has one: the hero, the best of the best, a platinum band amongst a handful of dirty silver ingots. Everybody knows the Champion. They know of his exploits because he tells them of his exploits. It’s not about getting into the legends and earning some kind of twisted immortality the long way, it’s about the hero getting what he deserves now. He succeeds because he wants. What he wants — wine, women, song, whatever— are earned because he succeeds.

Phantom Tong

The Phantom Tong is a criminal organization. It exists to purposely propagate an illicit underworld bent toward acts of violence, thievery, gambling, prostitution, drug-peddling, piracy — whatever unruly behavior the group can manage. Its members either belong to “normal” fae society and work with the Tong on the sly, or instead disappear from the freehold’s normal comings and goings, working full-time for the order — becoming phantoms, themselves.

Pilgrims Of The Endless Road

To the Pilgrims of the Endless Road, the journey of self-improvement is the most important journey that a person can take. Changing politics, changing the world, none of these things matter if you do not first master yourself, because the weak can only create further weakness, and the world is full of weak people. As far as the Pilgrims are concerned, very few people have the raw strength of will to understand the need for constant growth, to never become complacent or content with what you have made of yourself. For those few, however, the Pilgrims wait with open arms.

Sacred Band Of The Golden Standard

For as long as they’ve been around, the fae of the Sacred Band of the Golden Standard have been warrior-poets and glory-hounds, hungry for recognition by their own kind and all the changelings of the freehold. On the surface, what they do is protect the freehold, but they don’t do it for the sake of nobility. It’s ultimately all about the legends, and being in them.

Satrapy Of Pearls

The Pearl Satraps of the Spring Court believe that their happiness is paramount above all things. Not satisfied with mere contentment, the Satraps seek bliss whenever possible. Bliss, however, is rarely easy to come by, and never free. One always finds a cost associated, and the Pearl Satraps have chosen to not only accept that cost, but embrace it.

Scarecrow Ministry

The Autumn Court changelings of the Scarecrow Ministry seek to use urban legends to convey their own lessons. They become the monsters in the tales, continuing the purportedly fictional work of the Hook-Hand Man or the Jersey Devil or whatever legend works in a given area. Many Ministers change their names to those of the mythic monsters, embodying fear in a way that most within the Autumn Court are afraid to do.

Squires Of The Broken Bough

The Squires spread into freeholds that are facing major threats, or those plagued by corruption and pain. They recruit from those who have lost everything that they cared about — usually to the Others but sometimes due to other causes — and who have no reason left to live, and they give them something worth dying for. Their purpose is simple and straightforward: they will fight so that others can rest, and die so that others will live. Their lives have no other purpose, and every drop of blood shed will be accompanied by rivers of blood from their enemies.

Tolltaker Knighthood

The word around the freehold is that the Tolltaker Knights are the foulest mercenaries found among changelings. But there’s one clause to their order’s oath that most people seem to forget or ignore, and that’s the nature of proof. The Knights won’t go after a target unless they agree that the cause is justified ― and proof must be supplied toward this end.

Twilight Gleaners

Although most changelings have great power at their disposal, they are still human at heart, and in times of danger or uncertainty they are just as likely to turn to whatever sources of certainty they can find. To these souls seeking guidance, the Twilight Gleaners often seem to be a blessing from the Wyrd. They bring with them assurance that the choices their clients make are guaranteed to success, and such confidence carries many changelings forward on their path.

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