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All changelings can feel the magic of Faerie pulsing through their veins. This transformative power within is called the Wyrd, and represents how much the character has been changed by the effects of Glamour. Most Lost characters begin play knowing how to tap into only a small fraction of this tremendous power. As they experiment with their new powers, however, they find their magic growing in strength, their memories of their servitude returning with greater clarity and even some of their fundamental human limits pushed aside, allowing them to develop all manner of astounding capabilities both magical and mundane.

Just as anything else from Faerie, this power comes at a price. Most changelings fled Arcadia in order to retain some semblance of humanity and individuality, but increasing a character’s Wyrd essentially continues the transformation intothe inhuman. The higher a changeling’s Wyrd, the more volatile and intense his emotions become.

Ultimately, his passions can become so intense that even friends and allies are put off by the intensity of the character’s feelings. Maintaining the illusion of humanity becomes increasingly difficult as well, as elements of a changeling’s true form begin to poke through their façade, further widening the rift with ordinary life. As if that were not enough, a changeling with a high Wyrd finds that they become bound by certain superstitions and folktale weaknesses.

As part of the changeling template, changelings receive one dot of Wyrd, representing the transformation they experienced in Arcadia. Additional dots may be purchased with experience points, or initial Merit dots can be spent to add extra Wyrd dots[1]. Increasing a changeling’s Wyrd rating typically involves such activities as becoming more involved in the magical elements of her life, experimenting with her new powers and capabilities or traveling the Hedge.


This is information about the mechanic. Glamour: Wyrd affects how many points of Glamour can be spent in a single turn and also limits how much Glamour a changeling can contain at one time.

This is information about the mechanic. Wyrd determines how many Goblin Fruits[2] she can carry in the mortal world at any given time.

This is information about the mechanic. Pledges: A changeling may only maintain a number of Glamour-infused vows at one time equal to her Wyrd +3. If she attempts to craft another vow while at her maximum, it simply fails, and any other changelings involved are aware that the pledge was not mystically binding.

This is information about the mechanic. A changeling’s Wyrd rating also affects her dreams, specifically her recollection of her time in Faerie. The stronger her Wyrd becomes, the more she begins to dream of Faerie, her Keeper, her time in servitude and the other changelings she might have seen there[3].

This is a benefit of the mechanic. A character’s Wyrd is used to resist the effects of many mystical powers[4].

This is a benefit of the mechanic. Changelings with Wyrd 6 or higher can increase their Attributes and Skills past five dots.

This is a benefit of the mechanic. Wyrd also allows a changeling to resist the ravages of time. The higher her Wyrd grows, the longer her lifespan grows[5].

This is a benefit of the mechanic. Changelings with Wyrd 6 or higher can Incite Bedlam.

This is a drawback of the mechanic. Changelings with Wyrd 6 or higher acquire Frailties.

Wyrd Glamour: Max/Per Turn Pledges Goblin Fruits Incite Bedlam Total Frailties Longevity Infirmity Bonus
1 10/1 4 3 +10 years +1
2 11/2 5 5 +20 years +1
3 12/3 6 7 +30 years +1
4 13/4 7 10 +40 years +2
5 14/5 8 15 +50 years +2
6 15/6 9 25 One per Chronicle 1 Minor +60 years +2
7 20/7 10 50 One per Story 2 Minor +75 years +3
8 30/8 11 100 One per session 1 Major, 2 Minor +90 years +3

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