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Yamiyo Lillich

The world the Fairest were part of — or as much of it as they remember — was beautiful, a world of sweet pain and exquisite cruelty, a bittersweet paradise. Surrounded by beauty as they were, thralls to creatures a thousand times lovelier than anything on Earth, they had to focus all their thoughts on remembering what it was to be plain, to walk among the ordinary. The Fairest return from the Fae realm as striking, enchanting beings, but with that enchantment they bring back an inhuman cruelty -- a cruelty sometimes magnified by the arrogance that comes from knowing that they were pure enough of heart and strong enough of will to escape the thrall of ecstasy. The Fairest often believe that they should be far more influential and powerful in their Courts than they actually are, mistaking social prowess and ruthlessness for the qualities of leadership. Some manage, by sheer force of personality and charm alone, to rise to the top, but there are more Fairest in positions of authority than there are Fairest who know what they're doing. They push themselves into everything they do, and sometimes their overwhelming charisma is enough to carry an enterprise on its own. Of all the changelings, the Fairest are the least suited to solitude. Though proud and cruel, they are social beings, and when they rise above their shortcomings and let others in, the cruelty that made them can be redeemed.

  • Appearance: The Fairest are often tall, often slim and always good-looking. They're never really conventionally attractive: instead they're striking, haunting, memorable, and seem to carry themselves with a sublime grace. They're also the changelings who look the most like their fae miens when shrouded by the Mask.
  • Contracts: The Fairest gain an affinity with the Contracts of Vainglory, allowing them to use their beauty and standing as a powerful means of persuasion, and Contracts of Separation.
  • Blessing: These changelings really are the Fairest of Them All, and their magic only emphasizes this.The player can spend Glamour to improve dice pools that include Presence, Manipulation and Persuasion. Each point spent increases one dice pool by one point. A changeling counted among the Fairest also suffers no untrained penalty for using Social skills in which she has no dots.
  • Curse: The Fairest, similar to the creatures who stole them, can be callous and unfeeling, vicious and prone to toy with others, even people who love them. Their inner balance suffers for this. One of the Fairest suffers a –1 die penalty on dice pools to avoid losing Clarity (for example, the player of a Fairest with Clarity 5 who kills another changeling rolls two dice to avoid losing Clarity, rather than three).
  • Kiths: Bright OneDancerDraconicFlamesirenFloweringGandharvaLarcenistMinstrelMusePlaymatePolychromaticRomancerShadowsoulSuccubus / IncubusTelluricTreasuredWeisse Frau

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