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Character Creation for Changeling
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This game is accepting new character submissions!

Please direct all questions about Changeling character creation to the Lost Storyteller(s), .

All 'global' restrictions are in effect and supersede any discrepancies with Changeling specific Character Creation restrictions.

General restrictions

  • Characters may begin with 30XP after applying the Changeling template. You should submit your basic(no Bonus XP) Character, and then post your Bonus XP Log to the Character Sheet that is subsequently created. Please do not include Bonus XP expenditures in your Character Submission.
  • Changeling does not use Flaws.
  • Please do not attempt to play the Anachronism Flaw. Characters are expected to be familiar with modern society.
  • Changeling does not use the Sloth Vice.
  • Courts: Only the four Seasonal Courts may be selected at character creation.
  • Supplements: Changeling Only Merits, Tokens, and Contracts for character creation may only be chosen from CTL Core, Winter Masques, and Rites of Spring.
  • Loyalists: No Loyalist or Privateer player characters.
  • Fresh from the Hedge: This is currently not permitted. After many attempts, it seems that FftH characters are just not a good fit in the PbP format of EoD. All characters will start play knowing the basic fundamentals of Lost existence.
  • Age prior to Durance: All characters must be at least 18 years of age prior to being taken by the Gentry.
  • Attributes at one MUST be played correctly or will be considered Metagaming.
  • ALL introductions are done In Character.


When writing up a background for your Changeling, please include the following:

  • Life before being taken
  • Describe your Durance and Keeper
  • How you escaped
  • Life after Arcadia
  • What you know about your Fetch.

Please do not include any other (non Changeling) supernatural types in your background. "Squatting" in Sacramento before your introduction (i.e. backstory) is not allowed, but you can just be "passing through"


In addition to the Kiths found in CTL Core, Winter Masques and Rites of Spring, the following are allowed at character creation:


  • Lurker


  • Riddleseeker


  • Romancer
  • Larcenist
  • Minstrel
  • Playmate


  • Inventor



  • Your first dot of mantle is FREE.
  • Characters may not start with a Seasonal Court Mantle above 3.
  • Mantle has been House Ruled
Spring Mantle

• +1 Socialize pools
••• +1 Presence pools once/day
••••• Re-roll Social pools on first meetings once/day; keep 2nd roll

Summer Mantle

• +1 Athletics pools
••• +1 Stamina pools once/day
••••• Re-roll failed Strength rolls once/day; keep 2nd roll

Autumn Mantle

• +1 Occult pools
••• +1 Intelligence pools once/day
••••• Re-roll failed Occult rolls relating to magic and True Fae once/day; keep 2nd roll

Winter Mantle

• +1 Subterfuge pools
••• +1 Composure pools once/day
••••• Re-roll Stealth rolls to avoid notice once/day; keep 2nd roll

New Identity

  • Please include the name of the new Identity in the submission.


Characters must be in play at least 6 months to become eligible for an Entitlement. This way, your character will be able to build in characters experiences as well as XP which will help explain your character's entrance into their chosen entitlement. After the six months have passed, and you gain permission to enter the entitlement (which can be done through a request on your character sheet, like an XP purchase submission), you will write two glimpses that show both why your character is entering the entitlement, and how they enter it (such as meeting a mentor for the first time). You do not need a plot run by an ST to gain an entitlement, but it should make sense with your character.
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